Did you know that, just like Datastream, it is possible to access Bloomberg data via Excel?

The Bloomberg API, as it is better known, delivers Bloomberg data into Excel for your own custom analysis and calculations. Help is on hand with Bloomberg Data Wizards which make it easy to download data by generating the appropriate functions for you, or, if you would like more flexibility to be able to customise the data in your spreadsheet, you can construct your very own formulae.  An array of templates are also available via the Template Library to help you find and retrieve data on a wide range of areas. These can also be adapted to suit your needs.

Excel addin1

To get started, you first need to install the Excel Add-In to your profile on the Bloomberg terminal you are using. You can check out how to install the Excel Add-In in our previous post. This will enable you to see the Bloomberg tab in your Excel toolbar.

For a full walkthrough of how to use the Bloomberg API, type HELP DAPI into Bloomberg.

Excel addin2

As always, if you would like further help on Bloomberg and its functions please contact MIRC.

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