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Homepage / How do I reference a market research report… in the Cranfield Author-date style?

How do I reference a market research report… in the Cranfield Author-date style?



Market research reports are heavily used in MIRC.  So how would you create a reference for a Mintel report or something similar?   Here’s our guidance on how to reference a market research or industry report using the Author-date style used at Cranfield University:

What to include in the reference:mintel-rpt

  • Publishing organisation or author
  • (Year of publication)
  • Title or section of report
  • Day/Month if available.
  • Available at: URL
  • (Accessed: date).

Here are some examples of what your bibliographic references might look like:

MarketLine (2015) Germany – Management & Marketing Consultancy. January. Available at: (Accessed: 03 March 2015).

Mintel (2014) Beer – UK.  December.  Available at: (Accessed: 03 March 2015).

Euromonitor International (2014) Chocolate Confectionery in the United Kingdom: Category Briefing. 25 September. Available at:  (Accessed 01 March 2015).

As always if you have any questions about referencing, pop into MIRC or contact us at

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Written By: Karen Stokes

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