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Make Google Scholar work even harder for you!


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Although we recommend that you use the Library’s tools to search the academic literature in your subject area, we recognise that many of you really like to use Google Scholar too.

Did you know that you can link the library’s subscriptions to your Google Scholar account, so that you see full text from Cranfield’s subscriptions in your results list? We are sure that this will help you out even further in these difficult days when the library buildings are not fully open and most of us are working from home, wherever that may be.

To set it up, follow these steps:

Go to Google Scholar and sign in if you wish. If you don’t sign in you can still follow the steps below.

Click on the ‘hamburger menu’ at the top left of the screen and choose ‘settings’:

Click ‘library links’:

Type Cranfield in the search box and search. Once the results screen shows, check the boxes as shown below and click save:

The next time you do a search you’ll see the Cranfield links in the results list:

Why not check out your subject or course guide on your library website to find out which ones are the most appropriate for your subject area? These link to high quality library databases to help you find academic literature in your subject.

Emma Turner

Written By: Cranfield University

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