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Homepage / How do I access the full-text of Harvard Business Review (HBR)?

How do I access the full-text of Harvard Business Review (HBR)?


This is one of the most frequently asked questions in the School of Management Library, presumably because HBR is such a key management journal and is renowned worldwide.

The short answer is via EBSCO Business Source Complete.  From the EBSCO home page, click on the Publications tab in the blue toolbar and then, in the Browsing box, enter ‘Harvard Business Review’ and click on Browse.

A list of relevant sources is displayed with details of date ranges for which we have full-text.  In the case of HBR we have access to every issue since its inception in 1922.

Clicking on the journal title will take you to a list of all the issues arranged by year.  If you know the precise issue you need you can browse through the list.

Alternatively if you wish to search for articles within HBR simply click on “Search within this publication” (above the journal title) and the journal will be added to your search. Enter your search terms in the boxes beneath the journal title.

Searching our eJournals or Library Search for Harvard Business Review and following the links they provide will also take you to the issue listing.

So using this method you should be able to access and read the full-text of every HBR article ever published! A word of warning, however, Harvard have decided to make 500 of their top articles read only access so if you find that you can’t print or save the article you’re reading check the HBR read-only articles list to see if it is one of the 500…

For more information, read our post on using the Publications Finder.

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Karen Stokes

Written By: Karen Stokes

A Business Librarian since 2009, Karen leads support for the Cranfield MBA courses, both full-time and Executive.

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  1. Ahmed Yousaf 19/09/2020 at 8:30 am - Reply

    Hi there

    Tried to go though MIRC to get to this but cannot find it. Can you advise how you get onto “ebsco business source complete”? The steps before the process outlined above please?

  2. Mary Betts-Gray 07/10/2020 at 4:16 pm - Reply


    To get to Ebsco Business Source Complete go to the MIRC homepage and then Click on Online Business Resources and then Academic Articles and Papers. You’ll find the link to Ebsco Business Source Complete there.

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