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Publish your event outputs quickly and easily


University conference presentation

Have you ever organised a conference or symposium and felt frustrated that you were unable to easily share the presentations beyond the people in the room?

It isn’t always possible, appropriate or even financially viable to publish formal conference proceedings. However, there is now a free alternative that will enable you to share your event with a much wider audience.

You can use CORD, our research data system, to publish all your event outputs together in one collection. Whether you have articles, poster presentations, recordings or any other type of file, you can upload them onto CORD, and give them the public visibility they deserve, increasing the impact of your event.

CORD is simple and user-friendly to use. The collection will have its own permanent web address (called a DOI) as will all the individual files. You can view and download citation statistics as well as altmetrics such as mentions in newsfeeds, blogs and tweets.

Case study

The first Defence and Security Doctoral Symposium (DSDS) was held in November 2016 at Shrivenham Campus. Unable to publish formal conference proceedings with IEEE or create our own hardback proceedings, a sample of 20 papers were published on CORD. The collection page has now been viewed over 1308 times, with over 3833 individual paper views and 646 paper downloads.

When the event was repeated in 2017, we immediately requested permission from the presenters to publish their output on CORD during the submission process. This gave us time to discuss any queries around permissions or licensing and prepare items in advance, so that on the final day of the event we could publish and immediately promote the outputs.

Although the 2017 collection has only been available for a few weeks (at the time of writing), there have already been 1585 individual paper views, and one particular paper has already been viewed 321 times! There have also been over 422 individual paper downloads.

What do I need to do?

All Cranfield staff and doctoral researchers can log in to CORD with their network credentials.

If you would like to know more about setting up a collection to share an event, or need some advice to get started, please contact our Research Data Manager, Georgina Parsons,

Karyn Meaden-Pratt

Written By: Cranfield University

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