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Homepage / Engineering problem to solve? Let Knovel help you find a solution

Engineering problem to solve? Let Knovel help you find a solution


Did you know that Knovel provides you with more than just eBooks?

Knovel is a key database for many engineering, mechanical and materials courses here at Cranfield University, and contains content from an extensive range of reference handbooks, conference proceedings and databases, but its most interesting features are the interactive tools which let you manipulate and analyse data to help find solutions to complex engineering problems. Knovel is used by students and professionals in the real world, so if you are studying an engineering, mechanical or materials course, then Knovel should definitely be a go-to source for information.

Let’s take a quick look at some of Knovel’s interactive tools…

Decorative - Knovel home page

Materials Property Search

Knovel lets you quickly find materials based on the properties you need for a particular problem. For example, if a component made of a known aluminium alloy showed signs of failure at a particular temperature, Materials Property Search could be used to evaluate the thermal conductivity of the alloy and suggest suitable alternative alloys.

You can specify the properties and value ranges you need and Knovel searches across its vast collection of reference data to present you with materials which fit your specifications. If you already have a material in mind, you can search using its name, CAS Registry number, molecular formula, UNS number or ASTM specification and Knovel will present tables of property data on that material to help inform your engineering design decisions.

Decorative - Knovel materials property search page

Interactive Equations

Another really useful tool within Knovel is Interactive Equations which lets you easily manipulate 1000s of equations, or if preferred you can open a blank worksheet to formulate your own equations. Knovel equations are displayed with descriptions, legends of variables and their default units of measure, as well showing worked examples. Values can be changed to suit your needs and calculations automatically update to show you the solution.

Decorative - Knovel equations

Steam Calculators

Steam is important in engineering, and can be used to manage heat, to generate energy or work with solvents. Knowing the accurate property of steams is therefore important in an engineering and economic sense. Found from the menu bar under ‘More tools’, Knovel’s eight Steam Calculators allow you to accurately calculate water and steam’s thermodynamic properties as a function of temperature, pressure, saturation and quality without the need for referring to manual tables and graphs.

Decorative - Knovel steam calculators

Decorative - Knovel steam calculators detail

These are just a few of the tools and features of Knovel, but there are more to explore. Take a look yourself and make Knovel your resource of choice to help with engineering challenges.

You can access Knovel through the Library’s A-Z Databases page.

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Written By: Katie Abranson

Katie is the Teaching & Learning Librarian for Aerospace and Transport taught courses.

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