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Homepage / CORD datasets are now available in Library Search

CORD datasets are now available in Library Search


Including research data in your research process can bring many benefits; these include greater visibility for data creators, a more transparent research process, and opportunities to identify potential collaborators. With the inclusion of CORD data sets within Cranfield’s Library Search it’s now possible to search for CORD data along with a range of other Library resources.

When referring to digitally born material, a dataset is a set of data, represented in any digital format, that together have a meaning. These sets of data are available for computer processing in one or more digital formats. Datasets are not just limited to being a matrix of text or numbers; they can also contain collections of sounds, images or videos, combining different forms of information (Vericad, 2019).

Datasets must also have accompanying documentation which explains their use and significance. Alongside the datasets you can discover in CORD, you will also find posters, presentations, software and conference contributions. All of these item types are accompanied by metadata that describes their relevance and often, too, details of the research publication associated with the data.

You can access Cranfield Research Data (CORD) by navigating to the home page of either the Kings Norton Library or Barrington Library and selecting this option under ‘More resources’.

Library search

When selecting the link above you will be presented with a current list of items available in CORD:

Individual records include information about the licence under which the item is made available. More information about Creative Commons Licences is available should you want to re-use any data. By clicking ‘View in CORD‘ you’ll be directed directly to the item’s record in Cranfield’s CORD data repository.

If you’d like to find out more, or for any questions you might have, please contact our Research Data team:


2019. JJ Boté Vericad. ‘Dataset Management as a Special Collection’.

Photo by Kaleidico on Unsplash


Greg Simpson

Written By: Greg Simpson

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