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Homepage / CORD data repository now live!

CORD data repository now live!


Photo of our Research Data Manager and a researcher chatting at the CORD launch event

On 23-24 May, Cranfield University launched Cranfield Online Research Data (CORD). It’s our new easy-to-use system to help researchers comply with funding requirements, providing secure long-term storage for research data and easily citable online records describing our outputs.

CORD also offers a range of options so for specifying the level of access others can have to the data and restrict it where necessary. By introducing CORD, we’re therefore helping ensure our valuable research data outputs are securely preserved, and enabling our researchers to meet funder requirements while also respecting the necessary restrictions to data required for commercial, ethical, or legal reasons. The public interface provides a catalogue of our data outputs so it is easy to showcase the great work that we do and even draw the attention of potential collaborators.

With launch events at both campuses, Dr Chris Thompson, Director of Research and Innovation, officially pronounced the new system live with a few words on how important it is for us to meet funder needs and preserve our very valuable research outputs. Dr Mark Hahnel, CEO of figshare (the company who provide the data repository CORD uses), also attended and gave an overview of the development of the platform as well as highlighting some great features such as data previews, statistics, and collaborative opportunities.

Cranfield University staff are encouraged to sign up for staff training sessions on using CORD. Doctoral students will be introduced to CORD in the standard research data management training in the DRCD programme. And anyone and everyone is encouraged to check out CORD and enjoy the photos from the launch event!

Written By: Georgina Parsons

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