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Homepage / Introducing… BoardEx – for research on company boards and directors

Introducing… BoardEx – for research on company boards and directors



Do you need information about company boards or are you trying to find out about individual directors?  If so, BoardEx may have the information you are looking for.

What is BoardEx?

BoardEx  provides global board and senior management information for 1.2 million private and public companies and 800,000 individuals who are board directors and senior managers. Full board details are available for over 18,000 companies – 2,000 UK, 7,700 US company boards and a further 6,500 companies, split between Continental Europe, Australia, Asiapac and the rest of the world.

Information available includes:

  • Director profiles
  • Director network
  • Company network
  • Compensation
  • Committee detail
  • Board summary
  • Organisation analysis.

BoardEx Online Access

Enables you to:

Download director profiles and company board and senior leadership team summaries.

  • Track announcements for specific directors and companies – you can sign up to receive e-mail alerts when changes occur.
  • Analyse the characteristics of companies’ boards and directors, e.g. age, gender, education.
  • Pinpoint the overlaps between directors and your network of contacts to map out potential relationships and assess your ‘relationship capital’.

You can use the Simple Search to search across BoardEx for an individual or organisation. Simply enter the name of the company or individual you wish to find and select from the drop down list which appears.

Boardex search

The Advanced Search allows you to find companies and individuals which match your specific criteria, e.g. companies in the UK, in the FTSE 100, or in a specific sector or within a specific turnover range.  In terms of board characteristics, criteria include: role, nationality, gender, number of boards sat on.


BoardEx Bulk Download Files

In addition to the on-line service, the University has access to UK and North-American files of director and board data going back to 1999. Using these it is possible to download information for a number of companies for a period of time.

How do I access BoardEx?

  • BoardEx online access is only available via an individual username and password.
  • BoardEx Bulk Download Files are held in a protected area of the SoM Group drives and need a password to access them.
  • If you would like to know more, or to discuss setting up a BoardEx account then please contact MIRC.

Feature image from Pixabay. Available at:

Written By: Mary Betts-Gray

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