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Homepage / Visiting Alf Mizzi & Sons distributor in Malta!

Visiting Alf Mizzi & Sons distributor in Malta!


[su_custom_gallery source=”media: 6866″ width=”209″ height=”314″ title=”never”]LSCM & PSCM students visited Maltese F&B distributor.

The company name is Alf. Mizzi & Sons.

The Alf. Mizzi & Sons (Marketing) Group operates in the field of sales, distribution and marketing of a wide range of food and allied grocery products primarily to the retail sector (supermarkets, grocers, etc.) and also to the foodservice sector. They have exclusive contracts with their suppliers. Malta is a small island, so having exclusive contracts with their suppliers is important. You would be amazed at how grocery products can be so expensive in Malta – I reckon the price of grocery products in Malta is triple than the price in the UK.

They are handling more than 20,000 SKUs. They have ambient, chilled and frozen items to be stored. Chris, who is a Logistics manager, at Alf. Mizzi & Sons gave us a presentation about the company, including the company’s strategy (how they compete against international supermarket chains such as Lidl, which is a German supermarket chain that has recently opened their store in Malta).

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The presentation was interesting because all the strategies (Marketing & Logistics) are based on the fact that Malta is an island. I cannot give further information due to confidentiality. I only can say that it was a nice experience knowing the Maltese company’s strategy. After his presentation, we were able to discover their distribution centre!

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As you’d expect, I was freezing when we got the area for frozen products! Again, it was a nice experience as a person who is studying for Logistics and Supply Chain Management. It’s been always delightful to knowing new industries and vising warehouse. Thanks again to Chris who gave us a tour and presentation.

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Written By: Kelly Kim

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