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Homepage / Visit to King Pac – Executive Logistics Study Tour

Visit to King Pac – Executive Logistics Study Tour



Written by Tim Smith and Neeraj Mehrotra

A really interesting morning at the factory and offices of King Pac.

This company manufactures all sorts of plastic bags and distributes about 130,000mt per year to markets all around the world including UK and USA. It was inspiring to see the amount of innovation that goes into producing a relatively ‘simple’ thing as a plastic bag. Innovation was driven across multiple levels, such as product design, utilization of raw material, design of how the plastic bags are packed together i.e. perforated, flat, rolls or on boxes etc. King Pac has used all such factors to co-develop innovations with their customers to further enhance their global footprint.

It was interesting to see the very high production standards in this factory and their overall professional approach. Utilization of LEAN principles in terms of Kaizen, 5s, fish-bone etc. were also visible across the factory. An interesting use of visual management was the use of coloured ‘swans’ with the light switches used in the QC lab.

King Pac is part of a larger group of “King” companies which is involved in many sectors including recycling and energy.

We are now en-route to King Pac’s plastic recycling plant.

Tim Smith

Written By: Cranfield University

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