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Homepage / Visit to Sinar Sosro Tea Bottling Plant

Visit to Sinar Sosro Tea Bottling Plant


Sinar Sosro is a conglomerate which produces eight brands of tea and soft drinks. Sinar Sosro has a vertical integrated supply chain. They have their own plantations and 14 factories spread all over Indonesia and archipelago.

We visited the plant In Jakarta where we were kindly introduced to the company’s history and market strategy. They serve the domestic marked as well as international markets including Australia, South-East Asia and Europe.

A quick overview of the factory layout includes:

  • Water station with a capacity of 40 cubic metres per hour.
  • Bottling station consisting of five cooking lines with a capacity of 9,000 litres per hour and three filling stations with a capacity between 19 and 22 thousand litres per hour. One of the filling stations also include a bottle washing machine.
  • Each production batch is 11,000 litres.

The product is moved to the warehouse for a quarantine period before it is released to the marked. The warehouse is run as a first-in-first-out system.

We also had the pleasure of meeting one of Sinar Sosros sister companies, Tea Poci. This is a company that produce tea leaves. The tea is distributed both as packed tea as well as in bulk for processing at Sinar Sosros plants.

Before leaving we had the opportunity to share a lunch with the management team from the factory. We want to thank Andreas Gouw Tjong Beng and his wonderful team for taking their time to show us their factory and sharing of knowledge.


Fernando Santiago, Bernard Hamazidipri and Vidar Hauan

Written By: Vidar Hauan

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