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Homepage / Urvashi Yadav’s journey to the Cranfield MBA

Urvashi Yadav’s journey to the Cranfield MBA


For Urvashi, studying an MBA at Cranfield was a dream come true. “I believe that my learning at Cranfield as Full Time MBA candidate will help me enhance my skills and grow further in my career aspirations.”

To find out more about Urvashi’s MBA Scholarship experience and her journey to the Cranfield MBA keep reading below.

With an undergraduate engineering degree in Computer Science and having been passionate about tech, my work kept me on my toes for many years. I started as a developer writing codes for a tech giant, progressed further to carry out techno-commercial roles like Technical Account Management, found my passion in Consultative Sales (Technology) for a leading Cloud Solution Provider.

Given the pervasive nature of technology adoption across industries and verticals, I’ve had the excellent opportunity to work on multiple assignments, in different roles and on numerous overseas projects. While I was posted on an overseas assignment, I decided to plan for my Full-Time MBA degree.

My pursuit of attending a business school started with speaking to classmates from my undergraduate degree, work colleagues. I attended as many MBA Fairs as I could, these often took me to New Delhi and were held in some of the best hotels, so it was a trip with some pleasure involved! After gathering all the information and a careful analysis of my personal life, being able to forgo a year’s salary and fund business school’s attendance cost were the key issues. I came up with five parameters to choose the programme that will fit well and serve my purpose. I decided to base my criteria for a worldwide MBA programme on:

• Profile of the MBA cohort that the school selects.
• Worldwide and countrywide ranking of the program.
• Funding and Scholarships available.
• Average years of experience and Industry connect of the professors.
• Alumni Connect

I knew about Cranfield from work colleagues who were alumni and other friends who had attended other business schools in the UK. Cranfield having triple accreditation, being world-renowned, and business-oriented was an important deciding factor for me. The MBA faculty at the business school are seasoned professionals. All of this fits well with my criteria, plus the availability of scholarship was a huge enabler. Being a self-funded female candidate, a scholarship was the key to a final realisation.

The Relithan Technology Scholarship enabled me to achieve my dream of quality higher education without compromising on finances or the need to reach out for additional help. It truly has helped me achieve my goal all on my own.

I believe that my learning at Cranfield as Full Time MBA candidate will enhance my skills and grow further in my career aspirations. I firmly believe that this degree will help me understand technology and its applications to solve real-world problems. I aspire to leverage this knowledge and experience to go back to where my influence and work would create a significant impact.

Every year at Cranfield School of Management, we support talented candidates through scholarship opportunities. Each scholarship has its own distinguishing features and corresponding requirements. If you are interested in applying for a scholarship for the Cranfield MBA, please take a look here to find the scholarship that best suits you!

Kierah Hamilton

Written By: Cranfield University

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