After a nice Friday evening together enjoying the pleasures of the hotel swimming pool, we ventured into Bangkok town for our last supper in this city.

Saturday morning unfolded in different ways for most of us. While some of us are going back home, others have decided to stay on this side of the world to explore a bit more some of the countries, their cultures, cuisines and their traditions among others. In my case, Thailand itself has been like discovering a treasure so I will be travelling north and south of the country to experience both, the more traditional ways to live from the north of Thailand and the adventures of the islands in the south.

Visiting the companies has given us a great grasp of the challenges and opportunities that businesses have in Thailand. During the visits we could also discover the working culture and appreciate some of the customs of the country and how they may impact the way of doing business. However, my personal goal for this trip was to take the opportunity to understand more about how Thai people live, how they develop relationships, particularly with expats and visitors which seem to be growing in number, and to grasp an understanding of the importance of Buddhism in the country. I write this as I land back in the UK and will not go into the details of my trips, but I strongly recommend to anyone who embarks on the study tour to take the chance to stay longer in whichever the country they go, explore. Personally, combining both experiences has been an amazing learning experience!

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