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The Cranfield Experience


Shivanshi blog

“A beautiful sunrise, company of the calm greenery, serene milieu which nestles thousands of creative and innovative minds” – if this resembles your idea of an ideal place to do your Masters in too, I urge you to come to Cranfield University. While I am pursuing MSc in Management at Cranfield, I have also had the opportunity to test and keep up to date with my knowledge of Marketing, Sustainability, Aerospace and other areas. This has been the courtesy of Cranfield’s all post-graduate environment. The zeal and motivation of everyone around synchronizes. That furthers my enthusiasm and satisfies my demand of getting something extra over the taught modules.

Cranfield sunrise

My usual day at Cranfield begins with a 10 minute quaint bus ride from my home to the university. Moves ahead with a cup of hot chocolate from the coffee machine located outside my classroom. Divulging myself in the interactive class, I have lunch at one of the university’s restaurants with my classmates. We choose a spot either at one of the benches, under the sun, at the university, or a table by one of the glass walls in the library, peeking at the entire campus I begin my research for my next assignment.

The first week of my course was dedicated to orientation. Our course director planned a perfect ice-breaker for the class, a bowling night! While I love to get competitive at games, I furthermore love to mingle with new people. The ice-breaking event gave all of us the chance to make some memorable friends. Since then my classmates have been a strong source of knowledge and support. The university encourages us to work in our ‘learning groups’, which is a group of classmates from different educational and cultural backgrounds. The thought of learning from different perspectives enthused me the most.

In my experience so far, Cranfield has been a pool of opportunities. Be it the invaluable support from the Career Service department, the exposure through Networking Events, the experiences of professors or the practical touch in each module, it is a perfect blend of excitement and aspiration.

Shivanshi Sharma

Written By: Cranfield University

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  1. Rishabh Bathija 29/03/2019 at 2:17 pm - Reply

    One of the best experience blogs I’ve read till date, trust me I’ve read a lot of those! Considering the fact that I’m planning to pursue my masters in UK this year, this blog totally brings Cranfield on my prospective university choices!

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