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Homepage / Pumpkin Carving at the CSA

Pumpkin Carving at the CSA


Hello Guys.

Welcome to my first Cranfield blog post! First of all, let me introduce myself: I am Andrew, an Architect Engineer from Greece who is currently studying the Management MSC. When I am not studying, applying for jobs or working on my startup, you will find me either up a mountain, at the gym, travelling or doing some kind of activity. And whether I am working or having fun, I always have my camera with me ready to capture whatever I am doing. I really like sharing my story, my current project, a building I’m designing or my other activities. Before I got into photography, I really enjoyed writing for, an architectural tourism site that I was an editor at,  in my first years of my Architecture course.

My first blog post could have been something really serious, like why I selected Cranfield, or why I am doing a Master’s in Management or even my thoughts and ideas on graduate schemes. But on Wednesday I attended an event organised by the CSA and I just had to write about it! If you are not living under a rock you will probably know that the CSA is the Cranfield Student Association, a body consisting mostly of students and some faculty who aim to make our stay in Cranfield more pleasurable, sociable, help us connect with our fellow students and generally assist us in any way they can in building a community on site.

There are many social events which are held through the CSA  throughout the academic year, please check out their Facebook Page to keep up with all the goings on.  The event I attended was a pumpkin carving event. A handful of participants gathered in a big room, were given all the tools, a pumpkin and a candle. Then under the guidance of Sue and Lucy they transformed that orange vegetable into a Halloween decoration to be proud of. I will not give you much more information on how we performed the carving or how we designed our pumpkins. You will see that in the video below, but I will share my thoughts and feelings of  the event…

Even though it was a simple event, it was tremendously fun and enjoyable. My flatmates and I had been looking for something to do for halloween for days and this was the ideal event! It did not last very long -since we all have busy schedules but it was a great chance to  unleash our creativity, and helped us get to know each other whilst having a good laugh.We bonded as a group but we also got to engage with other students.. We fulfilled our need for festivities and we got some “bomb” instagram material!

This pretty much concludes my first Cranfield Blog post, if you want to keep one single thing from this read is to engage more with the CSA and keep an eye out for events! Other than that, I will see you guys in the next blog post!

Andrew Batsilas

Written By: Cranfield University

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