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One fine day in Cambridge




Hi everyone!

How was the inventory and operations management game? I believe that everyone has the same feeling that it was quite intensive. Yet, we have learnt a lot of things from it. Definitely, we spent several days with our learning team. We discussed our strategies, helped each other solve problems and so on. I hope that everyone enjoyed the game and is now ready for our second term.

Well, as our second semester has begun, we might not have much time. However, if you feel like need some fresh air and relax, I would recommend you guys to go and visit some places which are not far from Cranfield. Guess what I would like to introduce?

It’s Cambridge!

Cambridge is a lovely city on the River Cam. Most people know Cambridge due to the fame of the university. But there is something more than that like architecture, restaurants and little unique shops.

For one day trip, you can either take a boat tour provided by Cambridge’s students which sails you along the River Cam to visit each campus or walk around the city. There are famous places like King’s College Chapel, The Botanic Gardens, the Bridge of Sighs at St.John’s College, the Mathematical Bridge at Queen’s College or the art and craft market in the city centre.

I went there by coach from Milton Keynes Coachway. The stop is closer to city centre than a railway station. However, if you would like to go there by train, you can take a train from Bedford to Cambridge.

P.S. my hidden agenda was to find the one of the settings in my favourite movies ‘The Theory of Everything’. And I think I found one. That really made my day 🙂


Written By: Pavaree Suriyantphupha

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