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Homepage / My first 6 weeks at Cranfield…

My first 6 weeks at Cranfield…


Why did I choose to do a master degree at Cranfield?

I want to improve my knowledge on supply chain to make an impact on a company, and I believe that Cranfield School of Management can prepare me to do so.  

First impressions of my MSc journey at Cranfield:

When I started at Cranfield it meant a new environment, new people and an introduction week. Let me explain the introduction week, as this week is full of new impressions and fun. It basically allows you to get settled and it starts off by meeting our course directors, who want to make sure that you will get the most out of your study at Cranfield. Then, you will get time to discover the campus and the area. We went on a bus trip to Milton Keynes which was a great way to do some shopping and get to know your fellow students.

After the introduction week, the lectures started. During the lecture the teachers like to make it interactive by asking questions to the students and I found out that they really appreciate your input. Some lectures include a group discussion as well which makes room for discussion and learn from other students too.  

Before a lecture we usually have to prepare by doing a pre-read about a topic or study a business case. The use of business cases during the lectures make it interesting because then you see the theory we are learning being applied in real business situations. The connection of the business case and theory are a good example to find out how you can make an impact on a company.

Besides going to lectures, there are lots of different activities allowing us develop ourselves. For example, we have had to prepare a supply chain poster session. Here specific supply chain topics were divided to student teams. This created a learning environment by the students, for the students and it allowed us to learn from each other. Nonetheless, our teachers came by to discuss our works as well.

Even though study is essential, thinking how to start off your career in the right way is too. At Cranfield we have the career development department; they will help you a lot regarding your applications for a job or internship. Really, they already helped me with writing my CV and cover letter to get to a higher level.

They also like to organise events such as career fairs which gives you the opportunity to talk to companies. One other highlight they did was to get an American speaker talk about ‘networking like a rock star’ to the students. In my point of view, it was a one of a kind masterclass and it allowed me to improve my networking skills immediately, making me more confident for upcoming career fairs!

2 cool facts about Cranfield University:

 Cranfield University is featured in Netflix Series Inside Bill’s Brain, referring to Bill Gates, for inventing a Nano Membrane Toilet which does not require any tubes or water while also not creating waste?

Professional F1 driver Max Verstappen follows the @Cranfieldsimulation account on Instagram which is a car simulation program run by our university, how cool is that!

Being a few weeks here I can say that I got to know a lot of new people, got more passionate about supply chain and I am making steps to start my career. I am looking forward to what is to come!

Robin Jaspers

Written By: Cranfield University

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