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Homepage / LSCM study tour to Malta – what’s our itinerary?

LSCM study tour to Malta – what’s our itinerary?


Hi everyone, it’s Kelly, I’m back!

I haven’t written a blog for a while – I have had a hectic few weeks with submissions and holiday. But lectures are finished now and I only have a thesis to write.

Some friends of mine have already left campus. I cannot believe we are halfway through the program already! (It’s sad that my student life is coming to an end ?). Although it’s sad, I still have a halfway to go, which means I still have a time to enjoy being with my awesome friends and peers at Cranfield.

Today I want to tell you about our study tour.

The study tour is our optional school excursion. The purpose of the study tour is to experience a distribution or manufacturing centre in Europe. This year, we could choose between Malta, Bilbao, Vienna and Antwerp – but we could only go to one place! I chose Malta.

I was really excited about the study tour before I come to uni last year. My manager at my previous work, who graduated from Cranfield University 12 years ago, told me that the study tour was the best part of his time at university.

I won’t say I choose Cranfield University only because of the study tour, but it definitely appealed to me!

Now, let me tell you more about our study tour…

Each tour is 4 days long. The School organised flights, accommodation and all our company visits. For the Malta group, we plan to visit playmobil, Alf.Mizzi&Sons, Farsons Brewery and Freeport. Some of the other groups are going to visit more than 3 or 4 different companies.

What a special experience in Malta! This opportunity to visit warehouses and companies in Europe is very unique for students. Especially for me – I really like seeing distribution centres in Europe because most of the centres are much more developed than those in my own country.

I am so excited! Woohoo! I will write again when I return, to tell you more about it, so watch out for my next blog.

Don’t be too jealous! ?

Written By: Kelly Kim

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