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Homepage / L’ORÉAL and its three non-negotiable principles

L’ORÉAL and its three non-negotiable principles


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When you enter L’ORÉAL premises there is a huge incident communication board which displays the number of days without lost-time accidents. On the 9th of May, it proudly presented 1,473 days. SAFETY is crucial and goes beyond the daily working hours. “Our dream, that each people work in this factory will go home at the same condition…(or even better) the way they come in the morning” is not just a quote but reality incorporated in company’s life. Besides strict safety rules and training there are programmes for employees which support healthy living; as for example daily exercises sessions for all workers and mobile clinic for mothers with kids.

Another principle which connects production flow like a golden thread is QUALITY. All three stages of production – weighing, processing and filling are under constant quality control. Just for your idea the largest processing equipment is for hair care products and contains 20 tons of liquid.

The third principle is SUSTAINABILITY, involving environment initiatives such as the sludge drying project, when the waste is composted and then given to employees to take home; it provides them with rich soil to grow their vegetables on. Another project we found great is the wastewater treatment, when the water is collected from roofs during the rainy seasons and used for watering plants and flushing during the dry season. We also found beneficial that L’ORÉAL is working on a project on improving the element of recycling plastic bottles.

Responsibility for safety, sustainability and quality makes L’ORÉAL beautiful inside and out.

Written by Alena Laskova, Matthew Heaford and Levan Merkviladze

Written By: Alena Laskova

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