Time flies! It’s been a while since my last blog, which I wrote when we were on our study tour, and now it’s the time of the year for our thesis project!

As logistics and supply chain management students, we had the chance to choose between a company-based thesis or Cranfield-based thesis, which takes place during the last term of the MSc programme. Both are very challenging to do and give us a chance to apply our logistics and supply chain knowledge within a real industry setting.

In my thesis project, I had a chance to work with Innocent Drinks UK, a beverage company that sells its products across the Europe. And yes, I also got a chance to drink the juices/smoothies – as many bottles as I liked every day! What a generous company they are! ? Working in such an environment has not only equipped me with more supply chain knowledge but it has also given me first-hand experience of UK working culture which I would describe as “seriously fun!”

I worked within the Supply Chain Operation team at Fruit Towers in London, and was tasked with providing recommendations about the challenges that Innocent have in their operations. The recommendations are useful for Innocent to manage the risks in their short and long-term operations.

At the final step of the thesis project, I had a chance to present my work to Lucy and Leonie from Innocent’s supply chain team. Denyse (my Professor from Cranfield) also joined us to enrich the discussion and recommendations.

The project is closed with us taking a picture together ? I would say that doing my thesis project at Innocent has been an amazing and unforgettable experience. Thanks for the memories, Innocent Drinks!

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