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Homepage / Logistics and Procurement Supply Chain Management bowling night

Logistics and Procurement Supply Chain Management bowling night


Hi everyone

Before I start my first post, I would like to introduce myself, so you guys can have an idea as to what I am doing and who I am!

My name is Kelly Kim and I am originally from South Korea. I lived in Australia for six years and now I am taking a master’s course at Cranfield University, UK. Before I came to Cranfield University, I used to run my own blog in Korea, and that encouraged many people to study abroad. I was really happy that I helped them by sharing my experience. That’s why I want to share my experience about Cranfield University!

Okay! Then let’s discover my experience!

Let’s start with what we did in week two. We had bowling night – all students from LSCM and PSCM went to Milton Keynes which is 20 mins away from Cranfield University. It was arranged by our course (how lovely they are!) and we teamed up with nine people for each lane. I teamed up with two Germans, two British, a Luxembourger, an Italian, and a Chinese person! (YES, WE DO HAVE CULTURAL DIVERSITY IN THE COURSE WHICH IS AMAZING TO HAVE!)

During the game, I was able to discover some European culture. I do have European friends who I met in Australia, but didn’t really know about European manners. The most interesting cultural difference was about blowing your nose. In Korea, we don’t blow our noses around others, in particularly, we never blow our noses in a silent environment. However, I figured out that that is normal in Europe!

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I came in last place in the game but I really enjoyed it. Plus, we had a mini concert on the bus back to university! Our lovely Dutch friend and Scottish friend starting singing songs including my favourite number from musical Mamma Mia! Looking forward to listening to it again!

I discovered more things about cultural difference (I will post another blog about that later!)

Kelly Kim

Written By: Cranfield University

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  1. Nice blog good pic. Enjoy your day

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