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Leap of faith…


It has been one hundred and twenty-three days since I arrived at Cranfield, and yet, the count of the unforgettable experiences that I have had exceed this massive number. From the Cranfield airport to the scenic charms, none fail to fascinate me. As an international student and someone staying away from home for the first time, I must say, I have settled in quite well.

As an occupant of the Lanchester hall, the biggest in terms of accommodation capacity has given me the opportunity to meet umpteen people from across the globe pursuing a wide range of courses (honestly, many of which I did not know was offered by Cranfield). As a not-so-great cook, having flat mates from Spain, China, Nigeria and India allows me to treat my taste buds with assorted delicacies from all around the world. The hall is just a minute’s walk from the sports facility and five-minutes from the King’s Norton library which provides me with ample time to spare on a regular day (considering I am above average on a fictitious scale of laziness). My interactions with fellow students make me believe that whether you stay on campus, in shared houses or in off-campus rentals, you will always find someone to celebrate completing an assignment with or just to lean on.

After completing my bachelor’s in mechanical engineering, and having worked for 3 years, made me realise my competence and inadequate abilities. The realisation coupled with my drive towards gaining international exposure led me to explore my future career path.

The many modules offered as part of the MSc Management course were one of the key reasons that led me to Cranfield. The course started in October and is spread across three terms. It ends with a five-month long thesis supported by the internship which is another highlight of the course. As a part of Term 1, I undertook modules like Accounting and Finance and Managing Operations. Cranfield is known for its motto ‘learning by doing’ which is delivered by a diverse staff. From undertaking a role-play of an annual general meeting to simulating the assembly of a manufacturing firm, each module has kept me thoroughly engaged. Subtle tools like board and card games to understand the underlying principles in modules have certainly helped me grasp concepts with ease. For the ones who do not fancy examinations, it is worth noting that apart from the usual examinations, individual assignments, group reports and challenging presentations form the scoring criteria for various modules. The diverse educational background and experiences of my fellow students have been fundamental to my development. Getting to know people from various countries, their thought processes and brainstorming together to generate innovative ideas has enhanced my experience in Cranfield. I am confident that I will always cherish these relationships.

During my time at Cranfield, I have also volunteered to be one of the course representatives. Engaging with fellow students from my course and across the university gave me an opportunity to drive changes throughout the university with the help of the Cranfield Student Experience team. From attending events with access to the FIA approved F1 simulation suite to interacting with other representatives in an escape room game, the experience allows me to explore the facilities across campus and build lasting relationships. As a Cranfield student ambassador, I work part-time to help future student enrolment by providing them with information about their courses, the facilities, bursaries and the university. Students also have the options to join various clubs and societies like Cranfield Speakers Club, sports clubs and board-games society. I have been able to practise a variety of case studies and develop a range of skills as a member of the consulting society.

When my course began in October, our student-academic support staff arranged a wonderful bowling social evening, allowing us to get acquainted with our course directors and fellow students. A formal course Christmas dinner organised by the academic support staff was a well-deserved end to the first term.  The course’s social representative team plans a variety of events from night-outs to games night, allowing us to get to know each other better. If you are someone who would be joining Cranfield the following year and is reading this article, then let me introduce you to three words that you will seldom hear together; Cranfield Students Association aka CSA. If you fancy some international food, want to get on with your dancing shoes on a Friday night or just grab a coffee with your friend, you would frequently find yourself here.

There were times when I faced difficulties with my job applications, but the careers team made everything seamlessly easy. From screening my CVs to helping me crack Assessment Centres, they have supported me at every stage of my applications. The careers team have been instrumental in organising various workshops and careers fairs centred on networking and professional development. The various entrepreneurship speaker series which had guest speakers from different industries is also something to look forward to.

The time I have spent here has helped me grow personally and professionally. Everyday has been challenging and fun at the same time. Cranfield provides you with a lot of opportunities that will stretch you, push you out of your bubble but it is all certainly worthwhile in the end.

Tushar Soni

Written By: Cranfield University

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