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Homepage / International Logistics Tour – Thailand 2019

International Logistics Tour – Thailand 2019



Where to begin?… From the amazing atmosphere? To the excellent choice of the hotel? The tasteful Thailand Cuisine or from the even better first day in exploring Bangkok?

It’s almost 10.30 on the 5th May 2019, the weather seems good but hides challenges by facing the 32 degrees of Celsius whilst the humidity is more than 60%… the team of the Executive Msc in Logistics and Supply Chain Management is ready for the first day: “Exploring Bangkok”.

After having a walk in the city centre, where you could see everywhere people in yellow shirts due to the Coronation Ceremony, we went to visit the Center World mall, then had a tour on the Chao Phraya River, a visit to the Temple Wat Arun concluded the first phase of exploration.

And there’s the first lesson for the students, by Dr. Denyse Julien entitled “How to master the art of negotiation”. Denyse decided to reach our next destination by the traditional Thai Tuk-Tuk Taxi. Her negotiations skills, by applying her knowledge and to put it into practice, gain an unbelievable deal by reducing the price of three tuk-tuk taxi’s for more than 60%, illustrating the high level of Cranfield expertise…

The Tuk-Tuk journey ended by the 3 taxis to racing each other, while we were enjoying this effort to reaching the next location “The golden Buddha” Temple by laughing with our heart.

And there’s the second lesson coming from Dr. Soroosh Saghiri with an exemplary risk analysis over the tuk-tuk racing…

The day ended with a meal whilst some of us enjoyed the swimming pool of the hotel waiting for the next adventure.

As you can imagine, Cranfield School of Management is not only about knowledge and experience. It’s also about having fun!


Dimitrios Zaires

Written By: Cranfield University

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