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Why I would recommend Cranfield


From September 24th to December 23rd, it takes 100 days to see all leaves gone from the trees. And I realized I’ve been here for three months already. (Yes, Denyse, as you said in the very first week, time flies in Cranfield!)

The other day a net friend followed me in Weibo after I posted a picture of Cranfield. He explained his desire about studying abroad, and asked if I would recommend Cranfield. I said yes without hesitation, which shocked even myself. Then I decided to collect my thoughts about why I enjoy Cranfield so much.

Firstly I have to say, Cranfield is not widely known to everybody in China. It’s not in the QS ranking list due to its special education model. Despite the absence in comprehensive ranking, Cranfield enjoys the best reputation in some specific fields like supply chain. That’s why you would find your classmates enjoy their study so much because they chose Cranfield for their own interest and a career they really want to pursue for, instead of just a diploma.

Another reason I chose Cranfield is its practical teaching style. By delivering some lectures in game-style and providing project-led theses as an option for students, Cranfield devotes itself to transferring knowledge into practice. And it definitely does, as I have seen from my past three months of study. We conducted an SCSS game to see the market fluctuation and make corresponding procurement strategies, and JIT to see the efficiency improved after we removed the “7 Wastes”. Those things we learned are so impressive, because we were involved.

As well as the involvement, we are strongly expected to have our own ideas. For the Logistics and Supply Chain Management programme, we have an excellent faculty team. They cherish our questions and carefully take every idea proposed from us in class. It’s not only their reputation and professionalism that inspire us to explore supply chain, but also their continuous passion on this course. They illustrate theories in case studies, by explaining the effect of the measures we shall take, and assist us in practice when we look confused. With all tools we learned in the first term, we know how to find the problems in a company and make a difference.

So, this is how I gave my advice: “If you’ve made up your mind to build your career in supply chain field, and been ready for an intense study for one year, I recommend Cranfield University.”

Studying abroad is out of one’s comfort zone, as life gets so tough when we have to deal with so many things alone. But there are a group of lecturers here, who appreciate your courage, and plenty of friends you will make, who would buy you a drink in CSA and give you hugs and comforts when you feel frustrated. All these warm things give you the strength to carry on.

At last, right before I finished this blog, I saw this video from Cranfield on Facebook ( I’d like to share: “To live as if your life really mattered, because it does. To work as if the future depended on you, because my dear friend, it does.”

Let’s see what we can be capable of after Cranfield.

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Haiyan Liang

Written By: Cranfield University

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