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Homepage / Get to know Cranfield MBA Tom Dyas, Class of 20-21

Get to know Cranfield MBA Tom Dyas, Class of 20-21


Meet Cranfield MBA, and Simon Rowlands Scholarship winner, Tom Dyas! Read below to see how he describes his life before the Cranfield MBA, what he plans to do after and how the scholarship helped make a difference.

Why did you choose Cranfield?
I chose Cranfield because I liked the emphasis on learning from other students, previous alumni, and lecturers industry experience, not just from the course material. Of course, the universities reputation and course quality played a part in my choice, but ultimately I was swayed by what the university offers outside the classroom.

How did you find out about Cranfield?
I found out through a mix of previous alumni and research into MBA courses. I also attended an open day which was very informative and helped solidify my choice.

What were you doing before you started the Cranfield MBA?
I was working for a construction company in East London as a Project Manager, a role I had for five years. The work was mostly focused on the Rail industry, with projects for several government schemes. The company is an SME; I had a lot of opportunities to get involved in the business itself, not just the projects it delivers.

What is your aim for after you complete the MBA?
This is still something I am exploring at the moment. I had an idea of possible future jobs going into the MBA, but I am now more unsure as there are so many options that I hadn’t considered and find interesting. The careers team has been great with guidance and coaching so far, and I am confident I’ll find work I’m enthusiastic about at the end of the course.

What are your highlights so far?
Despite this academic year being challenging for everyone, it has been great to meet the cohort and get to know people and their experiences. Everyone is committed to the course and is making the most of a bad situation, planning online activities and events where possible.

How did the scholarship make a difference to you being able to do the MBA?
I had saved up and planned to use my savings for the MBA course, accommodation, and other living costs. I budgeted and figured I’d be nearly broke by the end but wanted to go ahead anyway. The scholarship has been a huge relief and has taken off the financial pressure, allowing me to better focus on the year itself and know that I’ll be better prepared to cope with whatever comes after the course.

Kierah Hamilton

Written By: Cranfield University

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