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Homepage / Full Time MSc Supply Chain Management 2019 Study Tour – Antwerp

Full Time MSc Supply Chain Management 2019 Study Tour – Antwerp



Belgium, a subtle country but full of treasures for logistics and supply chain studies.

Once we landed at the Brussels Airport, a fleet of 100% electric shuttle buses welcomed us, while you can see some of them were charging when commuting to the terminal. What a practical example of our Freight Transport module.

In Kuurne, you can find how a make to order glass solutions company accommodates a good harmony between product varieties and operations. Another perfect reveal of our Inventory and Operations Management module.

When we arrived in Port of Antwerp, we experienced how a regional port fully utilizes its strategic riverway network, and incorporates with value added logistics & warehousing services and specific facilities for different industry unions like tobacco, paper, plastic to capture the niche market of international trade.

On Day 3, we unveiled the sustainable Nike EU Logistics Campus at Laakdal which definitely was an excellent reflection on how warehouse design, picking system, equipment selection should be addressed to the specific demand.

The fruitful study tour was wrapped up at the Port of Brussels to witness how logistics strategies serve the city by solving the traffic and carbon dioxide emission problems.

I would like to express my gratitude for all the efforts contributed by the faculties and reception organisations for this study tour. It could not happen without their thoughtful arrangement, especially when this trip really visualised what we have learned during the past 6 months.

Follow our exciting journey on the Logistics and Supply Chain Management MSc:

Sam Man Hei Li

Written By: Cranfield University

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