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Homepage / Executive Logistics and Supply Chain Management MSc study tour meets Henkel Thailand

Executive Logistics and Supply Chain Management MSc study tour meets Henkel Thailand


You may not have heard about it but you certainly have used their products, actually most probably you are using at least one right now.

On the second day we have been invited by the President of Henkel Thailand – a truly global company employing 120 nationalities in over 200 sites worldwide and a yearly turnover of €20bn. The office is located in the central world building directly in the city centre of Bangkok with a view comparable to high-class hotel.

After a warm welcome by the President Erik Edelmann and his Supply Chain Management team we gained a unique insight to Henkel’s company structure and operations.
Henkel has 3 main business areas – adhesives technology, laundry and home care and beauty care.

The two latter ones cover brands like Persil and Schwarzkopf and contribute roughly 50% to the business. The former one, adhesive technology consequently, with nearly €10bn turnover, is what really surprised us. Adhesives – used to stick items together, what is so special?

On the one hand side, the variety of applications. From wings of certain aircraft types to the electric components of your smartphone or the packaging of your beverages and food, Henkel’s adhesives can be found everywhere. On the other hand, the technical requirements of certain adhesives, some need to be as strong as possible, enable humidity protection, allow electric conductivity or improving the refrigeration. The world as we know it today wouldn’t be the same without the products from the world number one adhesives producer.

However, it is not only Henkel’s products and financial results which impressed us but also its sustainable mind-set throughout its global supply chain by considering the entire life-cycle not only from the product itself but also their machines and packaging. Additionally, Henkel’s social engagement such as supporting the education of rural living children in Asian countries or financing teachers of police border control schools show their CSR role model.


After an enjoyable afternoon with plenty of delicious food and cold drinks there is only one thing left to say: thank you very much Henkel Thailand for the unique insights, open discussions and especially for the great hospitality from Eric and his team. Hopefully see you soon!

Written by Kai Wendt and Anton Grebener

Kai Wendt

Written By: Cranfield University

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