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Homepage / First impressions on our Executive Logistics and Supply Chain Management MSc study tour to Bangkok!

First impressions on our Executive Logistics and Supply Chain Management MSc study tour to Bangkok!


Setting off at 15:05 from Copenhagen and arriving the next day in Bangkok at 06:55 (local time) I had officially made it to the country of beautiful landscapes, beaches and great culture. Descending to land in Bangkok the plane breached through the clouds, and a bright orange sunrise over the horizon welcomed 300 travelers. It was a sunrise many would dream to see from the sky and the kind of weather I had been hoping for the last 11 hours, as this meant I could go straight to the pool terrace. Although to my great surprise, this plan quickly changed. After trying to rush through immigration and picking up my suitcases, which took less than 45 minutes, I was met with blockades of towels try to stop water from flooding the hotel.  The heavy rain, which might have seemed like a monsoon to many, hit my face as I opened the door to cross the road to enter the hotel. As I walked into the hotel, I took a breath and realized I might need to change my plans. Maybe for the better, as I went straight to bed and slept 5 hours…

Waking up at around mid-day, I was empowered to finalize my mission. After a few hours of rain, I met a wet pool terrace but with the sun appearing, I was happy to enjoy the pool and dry off slowly. Unsurprisingly, many had the same idea as me as I could see my fellow peers slowly starting to find their way to the pool. Before you knew it, the pool terrace was soon crowded with Cranfield Executive MSc students! And as expected, the first of many beers of the tour was served on a great trip to Bangkok.


Mark Ziegler Hougaard Andersen

Written By: Cranfield University

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