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Homepage / Embarking on the Exec MBA – Goodbye life, or is it?

Embarking on the Exec MBA – Goodbye life, or is it?


When I mention to others that I am about to embark on the Cranfield Exec MBA, in amongst all of the positive reactions I receive such as ‘what an amazing opportunity’ and ‘oh wow’ there are those who say to me ‘ah well wave goodbye to your life for the next 2 years’ and this got me thinking. Am I going to lose the rest of 2019, 2020 and the majority of 2021 to the EMBA? Surely I won’t be losing my life, will it not just take on a different form? One that will test me to my limits and will ultimately shape my future both personally and professionally.

In just over a week is when it will all kick off and I will start the EMBA with over 100 others. And, although technically it has already begun as I am currently working my way through the pre-work and pre-reading, I see this point as the official beginning of my learning journey (I still don’t think I’m over the shock of the size of the book I took out of the library). I am already so grateful for the support I have received from my colleagues who have every faith in me that I will ‘smash it’ and undoubtedly they should know having themselves either completed or currently completing the EMBA?! After officially accepting my place on the EMBA last week and receiving access to our VLE platform I have since come to the realisation that their smiles and keenness when I first mentioned my interest in completing the course was in fact actually hysteria.

So why at the age of 34 and a mother to 3 boys have I decided that now is the right time to change my life to complete an EMBA? Several reasons in fact;

1.My career achievements to date have been significant and I have been lucky enough to learn on the job and increase my knowledge base without completing any type of formal learning (I chose not to go to University). I don’t regret this choice as I wouldn’t be where I am today however it has left me craving and wanting to experience the student life albeit a little more mature and with a family in tow

2. I have terrible FOMO (fear of missing out – just ask those close to me) and having seen the positive impact it is having on my close colleague Daniel in both him as a person and in his career it made me realise that I want some of that.

3. I want to prove to myself that I can do this, to take full advantage of this opportunity and make myself, my family and my colleagues proud.

4. I believe the value I will receive from the EMBA will be extremely significant for both myself and my organisation, it won’t just help accelerate my career but will also enable me to successfully move forward with one of my organisation’s key strategies.

5. Connected to point 4, I am currently transitioning into a new role so the EMBA has come at the perfect time.

6. I really want to go to China (or to some other amazing country) as part of the elective module.

I have of course done my homework and realise the commitment I am making and how much I am going to rely on my family, friends and colleagues for support. It’s going to be hard, full of highs and lows but it will all be worth it (well that is what I keep telling myself) and in my current blissful state I am on cloud 9 and so thankful for this opportunity.

Now the next important question is what am I to wear to the formal Welcome Dinner? Stu in my office is fully immersed in my dilemma and now appreciates what a wardrobe staple a good pair of ‘nude heels’ are.

I am planning on writing an article after each Module with maybe some more scattered in between if I have time, aiming for my next article to land early October. I can’t promise that they will be polished but they will be honest and raw.

Wish me luck and I can’t wait to share aspects of my EMBA journey with you and see how exactly it will ‘change my life’!

Kristy McCrindle

Written By: Cranfield University

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  1. Roberto Di Nuzzo 23/09/2019 at 9:58 am - Reply

    Wise decision Kristy! Best of luck with you EMBA. I did the Cranfield FTMBA and totally enjoyed it !!!

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