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Homepage / Day three of the Logistics and Supply Chain study tour to Wroclaw, Poland

Day three of the Logistics and Supply Chain study tour to Wroclaw, Poland


Our hosts Monika, Ola and Anna were complaining that we brought the rainy weather with us from the UK as the last two days were very cloudy and it was raining on and off, but today (Wednesday 18 April 2018) was a sunny day with a temperature of 18C. We went to the Amazon fulfilment centre for the morning tour. The gigantic Wroclaw warehouse is one of the biggest warehouses for Amazon in the world, and covers 95,000 square meters, which is the size of 13 football pitches.
Amazon warehouse Wroclaw

We were told that we were not allowed to take anything in the warehouse as we would be scanned on the way back, so we left all our belongings in the car. It was also good to know that due to the safety reasons, no room has a lock. Also, due to the privacy, we were not allowed to take our cameras inside the warehouse.
Our tour guide from Amazon showed us the warehouse, where she explained how they are getting the goods in and then sort out the boxes (pick and sort) onto the shelves. She also gave us the details that they have 20 million items in their warehouse and all these items are stored on a system. She showed us the whole process of order, pick up, packing, labeling and delivery address system in detail. All these are based on a barcode system.

After the Amazon visit, we came back to the hotel. We had our lunch and everyone took some rest as for the afternoon visit we were invited to have dinner with the Rector of the International University of Logistics and Transport, Wroclaw. The restaurant, Spiz, was very nice with a lot of Polish food. The restaurant was situated in the main area of Wroclaw which is called Market Square.

It was great honour to meet the Rector and Chairman of the university as well Professor Richard Wilding OBE from Cranfield University, who joined us too.

After the lovely dinner we walked back to hotel. During the night lights, city was looking amazing.

Imran Aziz

Written By: Cranfield University

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