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Homepage / Cranfield University: My perfect fit!

Cranfield University: My perfect fit!


Madhubani photo

I’m from India and my background is in engineering. Towards the end of my undergraduate studies, I began to learn that this career path wasn’t for me.

Cranfield University has been my stepping stone and the boost that I needed to start my management career. One of the main reasons why I chose to study at Cranfield University was because I wanted to become an Entrepreneur and I wanted to start my own enterprise. I’m learning that there are different ways that I can become an entrepreneur and work in the enterprise area. On the Management and Entrepreneurship MSc course, you don’t just learn how to write a business plan, you also learn how to build on an idea that you have. The course teaches you how to be an Entrepreneur. In my opinion, there are very few universities that will give you that chance to grow and become a leader.

Studying at Cranfield University is all about applying what you are studying. Learning theory is something anyone can do, but actually putting the theory it into practice is the hard part and this is something we have been taught to do on the course. Throughout the year we were given different case studies and scenarios where we were required to apply the theory and the knowledge and were able to see how it works in practice. The atmosphere here is great; classmates and faculty are always there to help you grow.

The conversations that we have with our professors are fantastic and they always give us great advice. During the classes whether we were working on a case study or activity, time always went so quickly! We were allocated tasks that required us to work as part of a team. For example, during the Entrepreneurship module each team was given a £5 seed fund and we were required to set-up an enterprise with it which could run for 2 hours. In my team we decided to form an entertainment company and managed to make a profit from it. We were about £8 short of winning the task. The task showed us how it was possible to achieve so much when you work well as part of a team.

One of the main highlights of the course for me were the activities. I haven’t been given this kind of opportunity before, I really enjoyed the fact that I was always able to apply what I learnt. Events like the Start-Up Weekends gave me the chance to transform my vision for a social enterprise into an actual viable idea with the help of one of the Mentors. This has now led to me preparing my pitch to Investors at the upcoming Investor Day.

Cranfield University has definitely turned out to be a great fit for me and it has been an exceptional journey so far!


Madhubani Ghosh

Written By: Cranfield University

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