I suggested in a recent blog that I didn’t think that the end of the recession was going to be good for all businesses. Some have thrived in the recession but as we come out of recession, perhaps the new “new normal” won’t be beneficial for some and I believe we will continue to see some business failures.

But one thing I am now noticing is at the other end of the market, companies which we would expect to do well as the economy picks up, being unable to deliver the customer service they delivered in the past. It may only be one particular South Eastern UK example, but there is a upmarket supermarket near us that can’t staff the store on a Monday. There simply aren’t the people available who want to do it. Added to that the store is situation right in the centre of a booming new build housing project and I don’t expect their sales to suffer either. On the contrary, i think they are actually going to struggle to cope with the new demand.

Which just leaves us as the “customer” having to revise our expectations.


Mike Bourne



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