Well, after a long flight we are finally here! It didn’t take the group a long time to find the pool and take a much needed dip. The people here are fantastic and I can already see it’s an amazing place, if a little hot and sticky.

I’m really looking forward to the opportunity to see the numerous companies and sites that have been arranged this week and it’s even better to be sharing the experience with such a good group of people.

This morning we visited Jaspal’s Bangkok distribution centre. It was interesting to see how they had modernised their use of technology but still heavily reliant on people because the average wage here is so low. The staff there seemed to be very engaged despite the hot, difficult environment, and it was amazing to watch the process from start to finish: receiving and counting goods in, all the way to distributing to stores. This afternoon we are seeing a cement distribution centre so it will be interesting to see the contrast between how building materials versus fashion items are distributed.

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