I would start by saying that this was my first long haul flight so it has been a whole new experience from the start. Let’s begin by saying that I did not know how much food they feed you on these flights so I had packed a full bag of snacks to satisfy my constant starving belly for 12 hours. Same goes for films, my Netflix had a long list of series and films I did not get to watch because the plane offered a great offer of new releases. Finally, I recommend you walk around during those flights because my feet went so swollen my shoes did not fit by the time I landed.

After a long flight we were all craving for some nice food, refreshments and of course the pool and let’s not lie, a quick nap. With the batteries charged some of us ventured into Bangkok centre where we encountered ourselves on the middle of preparation for the Coronation parade on Monday. We found a sea of people wearing yellow T-shirts which is the colour of the monarchy who were camping to be at the front row in the parade. It does not need to be said that the Monarchy in Thailand means a big deal to the locals.

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