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Homepage / Our visit to the brewing company Farsons – full-time Supply Chain Management study tour day three!

Our visit to the brewing company Farsons – full-time Supply Chain Management study tour day three!


Kelly here again! 🙂 We are having great time here in Malta – we’re loving it! (I wrote this blog when I was in Malta, I just uploaded this posting later!)

Yesterday, we went to one of brewing company in Malta, Farsons.

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Farsons Group is located on the island of Malta. The Group is engaged in the brewing, production and sale and distribution of branded beers and beverages; the importation (wholesale and retail) of food and beverages including wines and spirits; the operation of franchised food retailing establishments; and property development.

They produce Maltese local beer: “Cisk”

(I still dont get it how to pronounce the name of this beer ??)

The company gave us a presentation about Farsons Brewery.

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After the presentation, Joe Farrugis who is a manager of the logistics department at Farsons gave us a great tour! He took us to the warehouse. We were able to discover how beverage products are stored.

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To be honest, I really liked this warehouse. Warehouse was non-automated warehouse. The reason why I really liked this warehouse is because I observed that Farsons Brewery really does take care of their employees.

Health and Safety

The warehouse was clean, with well-managed aisle racking and a pedestrian road, etc. Many warehouses in the world are not like that even though those are very basic things. We didn’t see the brewing process but we saw the filling process (i.e. the filling of bottles and cans).

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(This reminds me of the Inventory and Operation Management game, which was one of our assignments. The assignment was about how to forecast demand and operate a brewing company, and it was one of the most difficult assignments!) At the end of tour, we had a chance to taste their own beer “Cisk” (free beer at 12pm, the best part!) We really enjoyed it! We loved it!

Thanks to Joe for giving us a tour!

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Written By: Kelly Kim

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  1. Joseph Farrugia 12/06/2017 at 9:38 am - Reply

    It was my pleasure to take your Group for an interesting Tour of Farsons Brewery.

    Glad to hear you enjoyed it and you liked our Classic Beers.

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