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Homepage / The final day of the Supply Chain Management MSc study tour to Porto

The final day of the Supply Chain Management MSc study tour to Porto


The last day unfortunately arrived! After a little break, it was time to return to Cranfield to start the final and most challenging assignment of all. But not before we could enjoy one last day in the beautiful city of Porto!

If you’re in Porto, what’s the one thing you should try? Port wine! And indeed, our first stop was a wine tasting at one of the oldest Port wine producers in Porto. Our guide was a very enthusiastic man who explained everything about the production, storage and differences of different port wines. After that short but complete introduction we continued to what the guide called “the best part of the tour”: the tasting. And indeed, the port wine was amazing!

At this point, for reasons unknown, everybody felt a bit dizzy. Maybe it was the thought of getting on a boat? Because that is where we were heading next! Benny had organised a boat tour along the Douro river. It gave us a chance to see Porto from another side.

After the boat tour, before leaving to the airport, we had a final lunch together. The fish in Portugal is also said to be amazing, so we headed to a restaurant along the Douro. Fortunately, they had room for 20 people! This was no indication of the quality of the restaurant though! This was a very good restaurant! We just had an early lunch as we had to catch the bus after. And as expected, the fish was excellent. This was a lovely ending to perfect trip!

After lunch, the bus was ready to take us to the airport. We had a fantastic time in Porto. The group was amazing, the companies were interesting and the weather was great! It was the perfect break we needed before starting on the thesis. Bring it on!

Thibault Calliauw

Written By: Cranfield University

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