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Homepage / Taking part in the Unilever Challenge

Taking part in the Unilever Challenge


I first heard about the Unilever Challenge and was able to get involved through Cranfield University. We had a team of five members with everyone being from a different country and course. We divided up the work for this competition based on our backgrounds and experience. So, I was working on the Sustainable Business plan, and the circular economy elements during this competition.

I worked in a team with other students who are completing their MScs in Supply Chain and Engineering, as well as an Aerospace PhD student.

Being a part of this challenge was a remarkable experience for me, as it brought together people from different backgrounds and experiences, and I really enjoyed the journey to complete the competition project. We also got the chance to learn from each other and cover new things from outside of our own fields of interest.

I would recommend future students getting involved in the challenge. It is such a great opportunity for you, and you should make best use of it, because it will not only help to uplift your skills. It also allows you to learn how to work with a diverse team of students from outside your course that you would not get the chance to work with during your course studies. It is also a great opportunity to build a network with good people from the competition.

The final of the competition was at the end of March. Where we had the chance to present our business proposal to the company sponsor, Unilever. We were happy and we got good feedback from the company representatives. Following on from that meeting I am now working on completing my Thesis on a project in collaboration with Unilever.

I will keep you updated on how I get on with my Thesis!

Kavya Jayaram

Written By: Cranfield University

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