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Homepage / Student wins £100 Amazon voucher

Student wins £100 Amazon voucher


Ana Laura Franco Flores

On Thursday 18th July, our Environmental Engineering student, Ana Laura Franco Flores, was presented with a prize of a £100 Amazon voucher for taking part in the Postgraduate Taught Experience Survey (PTES), which is the only national survey of postgraduate taught students’ experience of learning and teaching.

The survey takes place once a year, students can participate online and PTES offers two cash prizes.

The results give us rich information about our students’ experience of their academic experience and allow us to compare them both internally and against the sector. A few examples of the areas outlined in the survey include:

  • My course has challenged me to produce my best work
  • I’m happy with the support I’ve received for planning my major project
  • As a result of the course I am more confident about independent learning.

We use this information to identify and target change, to provide a continuing premier learning experience for our students in the future and so we are grateful to the students for completing the survey and highlighting their academic experience.

Dr Monica Rivas Casado, Environment Programme Director, presented Ana Laura with the Amazon voucher and Ana Laura said “It has been a great experience, more than I had expected.  I have met great people, class mates and professors.  I enjoyed the individual project and the group project gave me a chance to work on different aspects of the course. The survey was easy to answer and it took just a couple of minutes to complete. The survey was a great way to give feedback on the topics I enjoyed, the great experience and to help give back to the programme, helping to improve the breadth of the course so next years’ cohort will benefit.”

Alice Kirkaldy

Written By: Cranfield University

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