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Homepage / Reflecting on my student experience

Reflecting on my student experience



Before starting at Cranfield University, I had just finished having a long summer after completing and graduating from my BSc in Environmental Science at Bournemouth University.  

By continuing onto postgraduate study, I wanted to further my experience as a student and continue my education as I rather enjoy learning new things and studying. I wanted to gain insight into specific topics which would allow me to identify areas within the Environmental industry that I am passionate about.

I chose to study Environmental Engineering MSc because of the range of topics that were covered in the taught modules and how the course was not too focussed on maths and physics, unlike other courses I had considered. I liked the structure of the course which first gave us background knowledge during the taught modules and then allowed us to use what we had learnt and build on our own interests throughout the group project and thesis.

I also opted for full-time study as this was most suitable for me as I did not have any other commitments in the form of work and full-time study is what I have been used to all of my life!

I received the Cranfield Scholarship to help fund my studies which made a significant difference to me, mainly by actually allowing me to join the University without having to take out additional loans on top of the Postgraduate student finance loan. This meant I felt more comfortable with joining the university and continuing my education.

I would recommend the Environmental Engineering MSc to anyone who has an interest in science and the environment, as this will help you to enjoy your studies. It is specifically interesting for those who are interested in learning about ways in which we can improve the environment around us by making positive changes.

I think this qualification will increase my employability due to the skills that I have learnt and developed during my time studying at Cranfield. Additionally, as Cranfield is a well-known postgraduate university, I think this will help me when searching for work in the future. I have been able to make connections with many people at the university and in industry too which will hopefully be beneficial to me.

In the future, I am hoping to complete a PhD in the future once I have found a topic that I am passionate about as currently I still have a broad interest in environmental topics. For now, I will be volunteering within a Reforestation and Education charity whilst improving my foreign language skills!

My advice to for future Cranfield University students is to keep positive even when times are tough, organise yourself well and don’t be afraid to ask for help when you need it!

Written By: Cranfield University

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