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Homepage / Naomi wins poster prize!

Naomi wins poster prize!


On Wednesday 4th September 2019 it was the Thesis Presentation Day which marks the end of the MSc courses for this year!

Every year a prize is awarded to the student with the best poster from the Environment Programme and consequently this is a highly competitive prize and a fantastic, sort after achievement.

The poster project is beneficial to students as it provides a way of consolidating their studies over the last few months into one poster, whilst also building on their understanding and ability to talk and present briefly the important elements of their research and findings. Students are tasked with including 300-500 words and diagrams on their poster, which ensures they get the most important parts of their four months of research translated into poster form.

Prize winner Naomi Sandford-Dequincey used artefacts to better explain her project and further engage with examiners. After the presentation the examiners have the opportunity to ask the students questions about their projects. You should always let your enthusiasm for the project that you have been working for the last couple of months, shine through. This will mean people are automatically interested in in your project and will want to learn more.

Naomi said “Cranfield invests a significant amount of time in enhancing our presentations and building our confidence so I was not too worried on the day. I have spent four months emerged in this project so I knew it inside out.”

“It was a great day as you could stand proud in front of your four months of hard work. It was fun telling new people about my project and watching people be engaged and interested, particularly as my thesis explored perceptions of the Cranfield campus.”

Naomi had some words of wisdom for future students, “The best advice I received was to pretend you are telling a story and the poster is the storyline. Identify the main characters and the journey they went on. Do not forget to say at the end if the journey has ended for the character, and if not, where to next?”

Well done Naomi Sandford-Dequincey on winning the Environmental poster prize and for completing your MSc in Environmental Management for Business!

Alice Kirkaldy

Written By: Cranfield University

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