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My Life in Cranfield


Cranfield University

I am MSc Environmental Engineering student from China.

I applied for Cranfield University about two years ago but due to my work I had to delay my enrolment. The first time I heard about Cranfield University was through my flying school, ‘a university has their own airport’ that sounds really cool to me. The second time the name came across was when I visited Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation in Seattle, I saw the Nano-Membrane Toilet displayed there and I saw it was designed by Cranfield University. Again my interests were drawn to the university.

Cranfield University

This is my eighth year studying in the UK. The university I went to before was an ordinary university, not as specific as Cranfield. After I graduated in 2016 and went to work, I found there are so much to learn in a real world and there were very few links with what I had learnt from university. After a few years working, I decide to recharge myself and continue my studies but I wanted to choose somewhere special, specific, with links to industry and learn about real experiences. Cranfield has a good reputation for all my needs, so I decided to apply to Cranfield.

First impression:

I arrived on 27th September 2019, the campus was very quiet, and it’s a campus solely on its own, with plenty of green lands.

Few days after when university starts:

Life: University life is very busy as we have many lectures, the campus is very good for study as it is isolated from the city, therefore less distraction.

Airfield: This could be the best place for anyone who wants to study flying while doing their degrees, as the airfield is right in the campus which is a very cool idea!

Social life: CSA is the Cranfield Student Association, where most social activities happen. Cranfield students are very diverse and from different cultures and backgrounds. You can make friends very easy by simply popping into the CSA.

Sports: The University has different sport activities throughout the week in the sports hall, it’s also a good way to make friends.

Religion: the campus has a Chapel and a Mosque for religious students which is very religious friendly, not every university has these facilities.

I haven’t experience everything Cranfield has to offer yet, but so far so good. I am looking forward to more fun activities and events here and to make more friends from different backgrounds to maximise the value of being here. For people who like a simple university lifestyle and concentrate purely on study and sports, Cranfield is definitely the place for you.

Cranfield University

Xindi Xu

Written By: Cranfield University

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