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Homepage / Life on the Environmental Engineering MSc…

Life on the Environmental Engineering MSc…


Group project

My group project was about developing a route map for 25 years. Applying environmental principles by the OxCam-Arc housing sector; the group project has some enablers and barriers, but it will be very promising project. Also, our group project won the Best Group Projects in SWEE. I was lucky to have Rhys, James and Millie as my team throughout the project. Furthermore, the group project provided me with some opportunities to meet some people from different sectors around the UK, and also provided me with good skills that will be applicable for career life.    

Life after lockdown

Life looks brighter than before; I can meet my supervisor face to face, which is quite good through my research project thesis. Also I can book a slot in the library and prepare for some experiments in the laboratory.

Highlight of the MSc so far

The Environmental Engineering MSc is considered one of the best Environmental Engineering courses around the globe. Which is helpful and it will be a very good course for the following way of life while everything relies on the environment and how to keep the modern world safe. However, sometimes it is challenging but rewarding.

Life outside the classroom

Life on campus is safe and quiet to help you through your studies and help you concentrate and not be distracted. On campus, the CSA does lots of activities and you can go to the gym as well, it’s affordable! Also, Milton Keynes and Bedford are near so you can travel when you would like to; London is only one hour from Cranfield.

Now I’m working with Dr Mark Pawlett, Prof Jim Harris on Manipulating soil microbiology using surfactants and bio stimulants for turf grass management with Aquatrols and STRI research group. 

Mohammed Islam

Written By: Cranfield University

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