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Homepage / Keeping you updated on my group project!

Keeping you updated on my group project!


What has been your favourite memory of studying at Cranfield so far?

I would have to say that it was probably the last week we had on campus in December. We just had a really good class environment and we all commented and said how it felt like an amazing week, and how we all felt really close (even with the social distancing!) and we were really excited to come back after Christmas! It felt like we were really a unit and a team, which was nice! I haven’t had much time on campus so far, but I remember leaving and thinking “oh, it’s actually really sad that we’re all going away for the Christmas break now!”

What has been your Cranfield highlight?

I guess making new friends and meeting loads of different people from all over the place. I came into a master’s degree with an understanding that, ‘no one’s here to make friends’ and that it’s very different to your undergrad, and people just want to come and do their masters and get it done.

I just haven’t found that at all!

I’ve made some really good friends here even though we have been online for half the time! I also think a highlight has been being able to have good, proper debates around issues that we’re all interested in, as we are all studying environment!

Well done on completing your group project! How did your group project presentation go?

My group actually won the prize for the best group project presentation! This was really exciting to me as improving my presenting and confidence skills was something that I really wanted to work on coming onto this masters.

What tips and advice would you give to next year students?

I would say be proactive and voice your opinions! The best times we have had on the course so far has been when debates have happened! They’re not necessarily against, or like oppositions it’s more people bringing their own knowledge from their own countries or industries and when we go off topic, those are the best sessions! The sessions when people are really quiet, it just doesn’t work. Get involved and interact and get stuck in! If you’re sat at home on your laptop, you can get a lot more from it and you will enjoy a lot more if you’re actually benefiting from that time. Whereas if you’re just sat on your bed with the camera and your microphone off, that’s just a waste of time!

And take the opportunities that come your way! Alongside the course, I also try and get involved in the extra opportunities such as the Unilever Innovation Accelerator and am currently organising a Webinar for August on the Future of Transport Post-Pandemic.

Millie Baldwin

Written By: Cranfield University

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