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Homepage / My journey as an Environmental Engineering MSc student

My journey as an Environmental Engineering MSc student


I am studying the Environmental Engineering MSc at Cranfield. My background is Agricultural Engineering and I came to Cranfield because the Polytechnic University of Madrid where I studied offered a double master: one year in Madrid and another in Cranfield. The idea seemed very interesting to me and I have always wanted to go to the United Kingdom for one year to complete my student training. It has always been among my objectives to study an engineering master outside and Cranfield University was the best option for me.

There is a growing need to expand knowledge and skills in an environmental engineering sector. Climate change or water are issues that have always caught my attention. My interest in the study of the improvement and protection of environmental quality has always been known, and after studying agricultural engineering, I wanted to focus my career on sustainability at different scales. This course gave me knowledge about the technologies against pollution, environmental impacts, or in addition, the risks and economic consequences of engineering practices in environmental management.

The life of a student at Cranfield is not like other exchanges abroad. The day to day is based on your life on campus. Although there are people who live off campus, most of the students live in the residences of the University, for example, I lived in Stringfellow Hall. Courses, projects or exams mean you spend a lot of time in the library. However, Cranfield University is characterised by its internationality. You get to know people really well from all parts of the world, and therefore, the time you invest in the study is more enjoyable thanks to your colleagues.

For me, life at Cranfield was based on my studies and my friends. My group of friends and I have tried to make trips throughout the year. At the end of the studies, we have made about three trips throughout the year: Scotland, Copenhagen, and Dover. We have a student association on campus but when we wanted to go out we would usually have to get a taxi to the nearest pubs which were in Bedford (approximately 20 minutes) or Milton Keynes (approximately 15 minutes).

The best part about studying here is the people you get to know. At the end of spending so much time together on campus, we became a great family. And as could be expected, the most challenging part is being away from your family and friends from your country.

Choosing my best day at Cranfield is difficult because I have had very good times. However, one of the best days was a Friday in October where a costume party was held at the CSA and my friends and I disguised ourselves as Slytherin. We had a great time that day and the previous days preparing the costume.

Another great time was the development of my group project and thesis. I have had the opportunity to work with companies in the sector and it has been one of the best experiences I have had. Therefore, I thank Cranfield for giving us that opportunity.

For someone who wants to study at Cranfield, I would tell them to take the opportunity to meet many people and try to make lifelong friendships. I just hope they have the same luck that I have had!

Monica Oleo

Written By: Cranfield University

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