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Homepage / Environmental Management for Business MSc thesis collaboration

Environmental Management for Business MSc thesis collaboration


AvISO Consultancy is collaborating with Cranfield University offering an MSc thesis to a student on the Environmental Management for Business MSc.

In 2015, an updated version of the ISO 14001 and ISO 9001 standard were published. These versions of the standard proposed some new and reinforced approaches to keep them updated and relevant for the marketplace. However, evidence suggests that the new ISO regulations result in more inconsistencies in external audits.

The aim of this thesis is to understand the underlying causes of these inconsistencies and suggest different options for improving the implementation experience for companies. Consequently, audit reports will be examined where possible interviews with the consultant and companies will be carried out to obtain documented and independent evidence of the issues to provide a consistent solution.

I am grateful for being chosen to lead this project. After finishing my undergraduate in Mining Engineering and after a short period working for an international company, I realised the importance and influence that good environmental management has, not only on the organisation but also on the planet. As a consequence, I decided to come to Cranfield to study the Environmental Management for Business MSc. Additionally, to have the opportunity to develop my thesis with AvISO Consultancy will accomplish my expectation about how the environment could be managed. From this project, I would like to learn the benefit and difficulties that organisations face when trying to gain accreditation as well as to improve my knowledge of ISO Standards. This experience will also provide me with an insight into the consultancy sector, where I would like to develop my future working life.

Ines Garcia-Saez

Written By: Cranfield University

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