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Homepage / From Ecologist to Environmental Manager

From Ecologist to Environmental Manager


For the past five years, I’ve been training as an ecologist and had some fantastic adventures (like feeding Baraka – picture above!). However, last summer I decided it was time to leave the ecologist world to my esteemed colleagues that have it covered and enter the business side of the world. As they would say – I have defected to the “enemy”.

Changing tack was a scary prospect, I didn’t know whether I’d be able to keep up with the business world, whether I’d fit in or whether I’d be passionate about my new career! However, starting the Environmental Management for Business MSc and my first module (Principles of Sustainability), I realised I made the perfect decision. I wasn’t the odd one out. Within my class, there’s a wide range of backgrounds from chemical engineers to management students. Once we started discussing sustainability, I realised though we had all come from different backgrounds, we all believed in the same concept: we can make a positive difference to the environment.

Something I’ve learnt over my time (and I think it can be very easy to forget) as an ecologist, is that my changes alone are nothing without the work and support from other disciplines. We, as ecologists, cannot save the world alone. We need marketing teams to effectively spread the message, politicians to listen and govern the country and sociologists to help implement changes to society effectively. We may be different in our talents, skills and passions but we all belong to one planet. We all have the same common goal and I think that’s evident at Cranfield University.

What I’ve learnt in my first two weeks here is don’t look at where someone’s come from but look to where they are going. Look at what they want to achieve and whether they align with yours. If they don’t, remember this is not an issue. Discuss and explore. Listen and learn. Grow as an individual, as a society and as a planet.

Naomi Sandford-deQuincey

Written By: Cranfield University

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