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Homepage / My Cranfield experience so far

My Cranfield experience so far



I must say the first week of my Environmental Engineering MSc study was a busy week. To be honest, I do not think I handled it very smooth, because this was the first time for me studying abroad which is really challenging. However, I still obtained lots of useful information which helped me a lot by going to class. I have picked out some photos for you guys from my first week at Cranfield.

The first thing that comes into my mind is the visit to Cawleys, the recycling company, who take responsibility for the waste for the local area around our campus. Their logo says: ‘Local company, global responsibility’, concise but meaningful. Visiting Cawleys was a part of our module which helped students to watch MRFs (Material Recycling Facilities) work in our city and get access to the recycling process in the local area.

Cawleys reception

Our environmental engineering family in Cawleys reception.


Before my visit to Cawleys, I did not realise that human beings had produced so much waste which really shocked me. I cannot wait to acquire environment-related techniques to solve various environmental issues, I really want to do something for my country, and human beings.

Tian Jianghan

This is me with protective clothing. In order to reduce the effect of harmful particles in the air and smelly odour, I wore the mask to protect myself. The working conditions were quite dark in some stages, so we had to wear a light uniform. There were a lot of aloft works, so it is dangerous to walk through the plant without a safety helmet.

Concert ticket

Apart from my study, I have a very colourful extra-curricular activities! For instance, this is the concert from Nick Manson who is the drummer of the best psychedelic band Pink Floyd!!! I went to Birmingham by driving with my friends and enjoyed it very much. I was so excited because I think I will never get a chance to see my favourite band members ever.


I also play the keyboard in a jazz band at Cranfield University. Because I was already in a band in China which played jazz music. It is really a fascinating world to explore! So after class, this is one of my biggest hobbies!!

Band practice

This is a street in Camden Market which has many old-school stuffs, for instance, some rock and roll jackets and some t-shirts with many band’s image on it. Those things were popular between 1960’s and 1980’s. I love it!!!

A street in Camden Market

In addition, I always go to the gym, because I love training. Weight training, weightlifting, cross-fit, it’s amazing and difficult. But it is indeed what I am really into!! Just sharing with you my best score: back squats (65kg), deadlift (82kg), and I can do pistol squats now!! And I believe eventually, I could achieve a handstand!

At last, thank you for reading my blog!

Jianghan Tian

Written By: Cranfield University

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