A long time of staying at home alone can magnify the feelings of everything like worries, anxiety, and the unknown about the future, this may be because we spend more of our time thinking. Leaning on work might be the best way to keep away from negative feelings. Reading and writing are the main focuses for me during this period. I am now working on a new research topic, there was a mess in my thought process for a long time until I got a clearer clue by reading and writing step by step and communicating with my supervisors. Each process gave me a sense of direction and pleasure.  

Sometimes, focusing on only one thing for a long time can often fatigue us. I would then try to focus on another piece of work to relax. Also, after a period of work in the daytime, a break for rest is necessary to refresh the brain and relax the eyes. I usually choose cooking as my main entertainment or hobby and I have been improving my cooking skills as well as being able to enjoy a tasty meal at the end!

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