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Homepage / The Brian Meredith Net Zero Scholarship and my Cranfield University experience so far

The Brian Meredith Net Zero Scholarship and my Cranfield University experience so far


Louisa Winch, Renewable Energy MSc student

Hi I’m Louisa, from Gloucestershire, UK, and I’m studying the Renewable Energy MSc here at Cranfield.

I was introduced to Cranfield by one of my undergraduate lecturers and haven’t looked back since. This year is providing the ideal transition from undergraduate study to the working world, providing an enriching and safe space to explore different areas of interest, to learn and practice new skills whilst building a network of inspiring people!

What did you study before coming to Cranfield?

My previous study was in Chemistry at Loughborough University, which was leading me down the path of Analytical Chemistry within the pharmaceutical industry. I loved learning how chemical reactions can be fine-tuned to increase efficiency, producing more of what we need and minimising undesirable by-products. The potential of catalysis, particularly the use of perovskite materials, was hugely exciting and I explored this in my dissertation on carbon capture technologies.

Why did you choose to study Renewable Energy?

As I became increasingly aware of the urgency of climate action, I saw the huge potential of the science and technology I was learning about to help decarbonise industries such as pharmaceutical, transport and energy. The scale and impact of existing industrial processes was overwhelming and the notion that this will continue until it is economically advantageous to transition to low-carbon (and other GHGs) technologies became apparent. The use of chemistry in developing next generation solar cell materials and improving battery and fuel cell efficiency inspired me to look into renewable energy. I was also looking for a way to learn engineering skills with little prior experience, so I was able to choose the Engineering route of the course. This course seemed like the perfect fit, with the opportunity to explore most types of renewable energy technologies, and even design our own wind farm, in just the first two modules!

In all honesty, I wouldn’t have heard about this course or considered coming to Cranfield if the Brian Meredith Net Zero Scholarship wasn’t being offered, so for that I am very grateful. I can confirm Cranfield is not only Management and Aerospace!

What do you hope to achieve at Cranfield?

By the end of this year, I hope to have explored my options for a career in renewable energy and worked out where my skills can be most impactful in ensuring a just energy transition for all nations. I have already met and worked with so many talented and inspiring people, from classmates and academics to the local community. I hope to strengthen these relationships, share ideas, and build a network with people who want to make a real impact locally, nationally and globally.

Louisa Winch

Written By: Lauren Owers

Brian Meredith Net Zero Scholar, Renewable Energy MSc

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